Hearts of Iron: The Serpent's Skull

Day 1: A Tale of a Fateful Trip...

Session #1

Dog, Valanthe, Content Not Found: octavia, Flow, and Spark awake on an unknown beach and were immediately set upon by eurypterids, giant sea-scorpions intent on an easy meal. Seeing off the threat the castaways determine their ship The Jenivere has wrecked and they were rescued by an unknown saviour. They secure their equipment which had likewise been salvaged from the ship.

Further down the beach they find another group of castaways consisting of Aerys Mavato, Gelik Aberwhinge, Ishirou, Jask Derindi, Sasha Nevah. Together the castaways determine they were drugged or poisoned, though why the ship then wrecked they have yet to determine.

The wreck of The Jenivere is spotted further up the coast and investigated. They again fight another, larger eurypterid and find the body of Alton Devers, the ship’s first mate. They determine it was he who rescued them and later perished at the claws and sting of the sea scorpion, though he was also suffering from an as yet unexplained rapier would to the addomen. They likewise discovered the body of Rambar Terillo, the ship’s cook, who appeared to have died from the venomous bite of a large snake prior to the shipwreck. Salvaging what they can, they return to the rest of the castaways.

Together the group makes camp and begin and learn more about one-another. The party finds that each of the other five castaways has a goal they are seeking to accomplish and are asked for help. Using Ishirou’s map and information from The Jenivere it is determined they have likely struck ground on Smuggler’s Shiv, a small island in Desperation Bay, off the coast of Sargava.

As they settle in for their first night on the Shiv a dark, winged shape is spotted briefly transiting the moon…


Sulaco Sulaco

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