The Jenivere

A large merchant ship captained by Alizandru Kovack


The Jenivere was a large merchant ship, a Wyvern-class vessel commonly used by the Inner Sea nations for trade, exploration, and even war, valued for its combination of seaworthiness and capacity for carrying numerous passengers. Wyvern-class ships have made the dangerous journey to Azlant, Arcadia, and even around the southern tip of Garund, but the Jenivere and her crew run less perilous voyages. For the past several years, Captain Alizandru Kovack has made the western run between Magnimar to the north and Eleder to the south and then back with few complications, despite the fact that his route carries him through waters controlled by the piratical Free Captains of the Shackles, brushes with the eternal winds of the Eye of Abendego, and into periodic conf licts with the Nidalese navy. Although Captain Kovack’s crew appreciate this record, the baseless fear that the Jenivere has robbed luck’s coffers one too many times lies heavy on the hearts of many.

While the Jenivere was a merchant ship, primarily concerned with delivering goods to and from Sargava, she traditionally kept several compartments open to take on paying passengers. Her final trip was no exception.

Passengers traveling on the Jenivere:

Aerys Mavato
Gelik Aberwhinge
Ieana (missing)
Jask Derindi (as a prisoner)
Sasha Nevah
Dog (as a stowaway)
Valanthe Sorrowstar

Current Status
Wrecked on Smuggler’s Shiv. Unrecoverable.

Captain Alizandru Kovack (missing)
First Mate Alton Devers (deceased)
Rambar Terillo, Ship’s Cook (deceased)
All other crew members missing and presumed lost at sea


Journey of the Jenivere
The Jenivere made numerous stops on its nearly 4-month journey from Magnimar in Varisia to Eleder in Sargava. At the time of it’s wreck it had taken the following course and was nearing its final destination.

Port of Call Days in Port
Magnimar, Varisia Departed
Kintargo, Cheliax 2
Pezzack, Cheliax 3
Corentyn, Cheliax 7
Ilizmagorti, Mediogalti Island 2
Ollo, The Shackles 7
Quent, The Shackles 2
Port Peril, The Shackles 3
Bloodcove, Mwangi Expanse 4
Senghor, Mwangi Expanse 3
Days at Sea 71
Total Journey 104

The Jenivere

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